Novo Nordisk Building NN1, DK, Lighting Design in cooperation with Henning Larsen Architects 

Lighting design and daylight consultancy

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Sweco is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of architects, lighting designers, and engineers. We are committed to utilising the latest knowledge and technologies for light and lighting design, in order to create the optimal lighting solutions for you and your surroundings.
Our goal is to to use daylighting and electric lighting effectively and intelligently so that light creates quality frameworks for human life, aesthetically and functionally.

We provide a wide range of consultancy services for daylighting and electric lighting design. We work in collaboration with a wide range of renowned architects, designers and artists to generate creative concepts that we then transform into highly-resolved technical solutions.
Daylighting Consultancy
Daylight is a freely available resource. In order to optimally harness its potentials, we begin the early stages of our design processes by approaching daylight as the architecture’s primary lighting source. The results are sustainable solutions that function effectively – even in 20, 30 or 100 years from now. As a Sweco client, you are provided with calculations and analyses for the sunlight and daylighting conditions, and we likewise assist you in achieving the ideal positioning and configuration for your building.

Lighting Design
Our surroundings first come into visibility when they are illuminated. Thus, the planning and design of lighting is essential to creating quality frameworks and quality experiences in the environments that surround us.

At Sweco, we design functional, contextually-responsive lighting schemes that are based equally upon technical, aesthetic, and energy efficiency considerations. We provide lighting design at all levels of a project’s evolution; from ideation and conceptual development, through to technical specifications, implementation and follow-up.

Would you like to know more?
Contact us if you would like to know more about ensuring the best lighting design solutions for your projects and your clients. 

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Brian Pelby
Department Head, El - Glostrup
+45 4348 4523
Merete Madsen
Team Leader, Lighting Architect
+45 4348 4533
Winner Danish Lighting Award
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